Live Music


Mi Casa Cafe proudly showcases the local talent of St. Augustine. Come by any day to hear some of the best musicians the city has to offer.
You won’t be disappointed!


Marnie with some of the local musicians that play at Mi Casa. The best of St. Augustine!

The Best Local Music

Music Schedule:

Monday 12-4 p.m. : “Redfish” Rich Guinn
Monday 4-8 p.m. : Matt Fowler

Tuesday 12-4 p.m. : “Redfish” Rich Guinn
Tuesday 4-8 p.m. : Jimmi Soldo

Wednesday 12-4 p.m. : Mark Evans
Wednesday 4-8 p.m. : “Redfish” Rich Guinn

Thursday 12-4 p.m. : Michael “Bo” Griner
Thursday 4-8 p.m. : Dewey Via

Friday 12-4 p.m. : Jimmi Soldo
Friday 4-8 p.m. : Dewey Via

Saturday 12-5:30  p.m. : John Winters
Saturday 5:30-10 p.m. : Dewey Via

Sunday 11-3 p.m. : Mark Hart (Alternates every other week), Mark Evans (every other week)
Sunday 3-7 p.m. : Dewey Via “Sunday edition” (Featuring “Unkl” Ray Nutter and Steve Switkin)